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Maldives | Meeru Island Travel Vlog

by Katie Bucknell

I struggle to put into words how incredible Meeru Island Resort was, pictures and video don’t do justice to just how beautiful it really was. White beaches, turquoise seas, baby sharks, insane snorkeling, outstanding (unlimited) food, stunning accommodation and  dolphin watching at sunset… it all feels like a dream now! We were in love from the minute we got off the boat and I wish we could do it all over again. It was a once in a lifetime trip that I would recommend to anyone if they ever such an opportunity to visit such a magical place. Meeru was perfect, it had plenty to do and see, beaches, pools, sea life, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, live music, spa, sunset cruises, pool tables, games, table tennis and of course lots of eating and drinking… it was perfect in every way.

We traveled with Etihad, who were great. We were fortunate enough to travel business class and had fabulous service throughout, with wonderful lounges to relax in at every stop. They provided us with our gluten free meals (my sister & I are both coeliac), which overall were pretty good (the main was chicken, which was a tad dry / chewy) but I wont hold that against them, as everything else was lovely.

We then got the boat from Male airport to Meeru (the standard Meeru transfer) which took about an hour and once we got off, we were shown straight to our rooms. We spent the first few nights in a beach front villa, which was beautiful, before ‘upgrading’ for the last few nights to an over water villa – we did it absolutely right as we got to experience both types of accommodation which was fantastic.

Eating gluten free was easy in Meeru, they had everything catered for and it was a coeliac heaven. See my full post on gluten free in Meeru, HERE. We had the all inclusive package which meant as much food & drink as you want, across the island (there were various cafes and bars) and it was amazing. Including cocktails and alcohol. Delish!

The spa was beautiful, we received a 15 minute massage as part of our package which you book on arrival and it was breathtaking. The spa has glass windows in the floors so you can watch the fish, whilst you get a massage (I know right – wow)…. I saw a stingray and a squid just in the 15 minutes I was having my treatment!

The highlight for me (if even possible, as the entire trip was full of ‘wow’ moments) might have to be the sunset cruise and watching the dolphins. Included in our package was a trip out on a boat with a few other guests, to watch the sunset out at sea. The team on board knew how to find and attract the dolphins and pods of over 100 dolphins flood around the boat and we got to see them close up, leaping in and out the water, playfully chasing the boat as the pink orange sky took over… it was a dream come true. They also served up a punch which was a lovely touch.

But watch out for little crabs (they are in nearly every shell you see)… at night they ALL come out and its hard not to stand on any! Ha.

To see a few of our favourite parts, take a look at vlog I took from our trip, above. It was above and beyond in every possible way. If you are ever looking for a destination for a special trip, look no further: https://www.meeru.com/

I hope you like my travel videos, I have a few more to share with you coming very soon! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel right HERE.



*Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored. As always, all opinions are honest & my own.

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