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The Best Gluten Free Chain Restaurants In The UK

by Katie Bucknell

Eating out with Coeliac disease, or any other intolerance or allergy for that matter, is not always a simple affair. This means that having list of reliable (and still super tasty) restaurants to fall back on, that can be found across multiple cities, is an absolute must.

Here’s my list (so far) of UK chain restaurants that I can safely recommend as a coeliac:

The tastiest chicken you can find! If you specify GF when ordering they will monitor your food throughout cooking to ensure there’s no cross contamination. Various chicken options, chips, spicy rice and salads are all under the gluten free bracket.

Pretty much everything on the menu of this tasty Vietnamese chain is naturally gluten free and you don’t need to specify when ordering. They use GF soy sauce in everything and rice noodles only. Only 1 of the desserts and some of the beers are off limits, but otherwise this is a Coeliac heaven. I love the bowls of pho (soup), the curries and the crispy spring rolls!! (I know right?!)

Bella Italia
With a dedicated gluten free menu this italian will tick all the boxes. From garlic breads, pizzas and pastas you have plenty of options! Bella Italia never disappoints!

Pizza Express
Now I have to admit, these are my all time favourite gluten free pizzas! Pizza Express are fully Coeliac UK certified so you can dine here stress free. They even do gluten free dough balls now… what’s not to love!?

Another dedicated gluten free menu. Whats not to like, fajitas, loaded potato skins and naked burgers are all on offer. A full Mexican feast is on offer and finish it off with a warm chocolate brownie or crumble for dessert… you will forget you are a coeliac!

I LOVE a Zizzis pizza! They have gluten free pizzas and pastas on a dedicated menu and they always hit the spot. My favourite is on a creamy base with butternut squash, pine nuts and caramelized onions! Yum.

Delicious and fast, Asian food served in a casual setting… they have some great options including amazing ramen that’s bursting with flavour. A must try for any gluten free folk.

Another trusty Italian chain that will happily cater to gluten free requirements. From pastas and pizzas to garlic bread and meatballs there’s plenty of mouth watering options to tickle your taste buds!

Frankie & Bennies
A dedicated GF menu with a fun New York Italian style. Gluten free pastas, pizzas and burgers on a GF bun (subject to location). A great reliable option.

Yo Sushi
There are a number of options on the menu that are gluten free, you just have to ask. If you like sushi head here to satisfy your craving. They have gluten free soy sauce on offer too if you ask for it.

Serving a number of Italian treats all suitable for coeliacs that are clearly marked on the menu (they also offer dairy free and vegan too clearly marked). Including gluten free breads, bruschetta and a huge range of pastas.

La Tasca
If you are after reliable tapas, La Tasca is a sure win. Authentic and always delicious, they have a tonne of GF options that are clearly marked on the menu… and they have the most amazing GF hot bread rolls that they will serve warm for you!

TGI Fridays
The ultimate American style diner with high quality food and plenty of GF options. I love the loaded potato skins and a classic TGIs burger always hits the spot! A manager will take your order and your food is watched every step of the way so that all cross contamination procedures are followed… very reassuring!

Whilst they don’t currently supply gluten free buns, GBK has great gluten free burgers with a mix of toppings and sauces to choose from that they can serve with salad or coleslaw… they are very accommodating and taste fantastic!

Honest Burger
Whilst they are mainly based down south, Honest Burger have a tonne of locations and cater to Coeliacs like no other. I can honestly say they are some of the best gluten free burgers I have ever had. A rustic setting and fairly affordable, these are sure to hit the spot. They also do gluten free chips, onion rings and beer!

From pastas to pizzas, ASK will cater to any coeliac with ease. Some delicious meals on offer and even unique (and so delicious) desserts such as a chocolate fondant with ice cream and hot toffee sauce. Pass me a spoon!

Eds Easy Diner
Fast, friendly and oh so tasty! Classic american diner food made gluten free. An extensive menu, including burgers and hot dogs (in buns), chilli cheese fries and brownies to finish. Who would have thought it?! A must visit!

Las Iguanas
South American food that packs in the flavour. Taco ‘planks’ with soft gluten free tortillas, loaded nachos, steaks and many mexican classics. You will not be disappointed, this really hits the spot.

If you are after some awesome mexican food this is the way to go. Wahaca has a whole gluten free menu with numerous options including, tacos, enchiladas, steaks and of course nachos and guac. I am in love with this place!

You can find Weatherspoons almost everywhere you go, so it is good to know they can cater for various dietary requirements, including gluten free. You can find it marked on the menus. Coeliacs can have naked burritos, salads, skewers, nachos, apple crumble and more. Deeeelicious!

Pizza Hut
If you just want an affordable pizza, head to Pizza Hut for casual family friendly dining. You can have pretty much any topping on a gluten free base, and you will know it is GF because it comes as a square rather than a circle!

Cote Brasserie
A full gluten free a la carte and breakfast menu. They do a fantastic Sunday brunch with all the trimmings apart from sausage. The menu is french inspired with various meats (steak, chicken, fish, muscles) and multiple sides on offer. An extensive menu and a Coeliac UK accreditation to their name. Win!

Handmade Burger Co.
With an accreditation from Coeliac UK, you know these guys can be trusted! Burgers come with bread seperately wrapped so you know it hasnt touched anything it shouldnt have. A huge menu with a range of burger options, wings and various options of loaded chips. Yummy.

Hard Rock Cafe
They are not limited to the UK, but are a presence all over the world so I had to throw this one in there. Accredited by Coeliac UK, they offer loaded potato skins, nachos, burgers, meats and even a hot fudge sundae. The Hard Rock Cafe always has a fantastic atmosphere, so if you haven’t already I would recommend you tie it into an upcoming outing.


Now I am certainly not saying this is the entire list, far from it, and most places will cater to GF if you simply ask. These are just the chain restaurants that I have had the best experience with as a coeliac… and I will be updating this list as I discover more!

* I will also be posting a list of my favourite gluten free / coeliac friendly restaurants in the Manchester area along with a separate post for gluten free FAST food, so stay tuned for both of those!

You can also find a full list of Coeliac UK ‘accredited’ partners HERE (including both chains and individual eateries too).

It is reassuring to have a list of places to eat wherever you happen to travel in the country, so look out for these names when you are dining out. Please let me know if you have any chain restaurants you can recommend and we can add to the list?!



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William Torpey 18th March 2018 - 10:40 am

Hi Katie thanks a lot for this very useful We lived near Manchester and my teenage daughter recently found out she has Coeliac disease

Katie Bucknell 22nd March 2018 - 8:42 pm

Hi William – thank you! I am so glad I can help. I will continue to share more 🙂

Nicole 9th January 2020 - 7:38 am

This is great! We have been talking where would be best to go out for a while now and my partner has sent me this link. I’ll be saving this! Thank you!!

Katie Bucknell 11th January 2020 - 4:52 pm

Amazing! I am so glad it is useful! Thank you!


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