I just got back from a weekend in Paris with some of my girlfriends. We had a great time, so I thought I might just write a little something about it!

We were so lucky with the weather as it hit nearly 20°C whilst we were there! Which for November, was very warm, it felt like spring! We stayed just 5 minutes away from the Eiffel Tower, in a lovely apartment on the 29th floor – with an amazing view over the city! We booked this through Airbnb, which I would highly recommend, it worked out at a great price and location whilst being clean and well decorated. You can see our view below!


Our first stop was the Eiffel Tower, it was so close to where we were staying and pretty much number one on our list anyway. If you are only going for a long weekend like me, I wouldn’t bother going up the Eiffel Tower, the queues were ridiculously long! We did however wander around and walk underneath it, as well as hang out in the tree lined park next to it – a beautiful little spot to sit on a bench / people watch / have a picnic.



We moved on to Notre Dame, which was beautiful. All I could think of when I saw the Cathedral itself was the Disney film ‘The Hunchback Of Notre Dame’. Haha (If you haven’t seen it you must!). There are lots of great lunch spots in this area, so we stopped for cheese fondue, which was naturally gluten free (if you have it without the bread and with potatoes instead) and it also came with a mini meat platter. This was a great find for me, I haven’t had real fondue in years! The perfect way to fuel up before a busy afternoon.





A magnificent street is Champs Elyesses. If you are into high end brands, it is definitely worth taking a wander down. You will find the likes of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Mont Blanc etc… it was too expensive to make a purchase, but it sure was fun to look! At the end you have the famous Arc De Triomphe – we also saw this later on at night, and it looked equally as impressive.




I decided to buy a new hat for my Paris trip, and I saw this one in Topshop with the gold band and I just had to get it! You can buy it here. This blanket scarf is also another absolute favourite for this season, it is from Zara and you can buy it here.


The only thing I would say is the french in general aren’t too fantastic with gluten free food. I didnt have time to try everywhere, but i did struggle in finding any reference to coeliac or wheat intolerance on a menu. However, if you ask the waiter they will usually be able to accommodate by adapting an existing dish. I had steak and salad one night which was lovely. However, the language barrier can sometimes be an issue, explaining which foods are safe and which aren’t. To help with this, I downloaded an app on my phone which explains coeliac quickly on a ‘flash card’ and describes the issues with cross contamination – this is perfect to show the waiter/waitress so they understand what you mean. The app I have has an explanation in nearly every language, so is perfect for travelling.

One plus is, most macaroons are naturally gluten free as they are made with almonds! As Paris is the home of these delicate sweet treats, it really is the best place to buy them. My favourite brand is Ladurée as they taste amazing, have a wide selection of flavours to choose from and are so perfectly packaged! They are great for a gift, or even just to treat yourself! My favourite has to be the salted caramel flavour, it is just to die for! Check them out online, here.


Ps. How cute is this plate (see below)?! Perfect for serving macaroons on!


It is fair to say Paris is perfect for a relaxed, romantic getaway or if you looking for a bit more of a ‘party scene’ – for this I would recommend heading to Bastille, it has a buzzing atmosphere and is lined with a range of great eateries and bars.

Although I was only there a short time, I managed to fit lots in and it was as wonderful as I had imagined! We saw the sights, shopped, ate macaroons and fondue and hit some pretty cool bars in the evenings. What’s not to like?

Have you been to Paris yet? What are your thoughts?



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