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Coelihacks | Genius Hacks For Living Gluten Free

by Katie Bucknell

Whether you are having friends over or cooking at home for yourself, you don’t want any added hassle that is already associated with gluten free. These ‘CoeliHacks’, will help simplify your gluten free life so you are cooking and catering like a pro.

1. Don’t skip out on the moisture. We all know how dry gluten free can be, so if you are making something like a homemade cake, bread or biscuit, try adapting your recipe by adding in ground almonds, natural yogurt or even golden syrup to help with moisture and structure.

2. Always carry a breakfast bar. When you are out and about there is nothing worse than struggling to find something to eat. I always travel with a bar or on-the-go snack of some description – I love the breakfast bakes from Genius, they are like a mix between a flapjack and breakfast bar and they don’t crumble in your bag!

3. Simplify your recipes. Rather than use a recipe with 20 different types of exotic gluten free flours and starches that will cost a fortune off Amazon and you will never use again, always buy the ready-made blend you can get from your local supermarket and use recipes that call for that. It will taste better, save you money and you can use it time and time again.

4. Buy half loaves. If there is only one gluten free person in your household, buy half loaves. Genius now offer their delicious bread in a half loaf size, meaning you can save money and reduce waste.

5. Save stale bread. Gluten free tends not to last as long, so if your bread looks like it is going stale, whizz it into a blender, make breadcrumbs and stick them in a labelled bag in the freezer. You can get these out at a later date for a recipe that calls for it – like a homemade chicken kiev!

6.Stock up your freezer. I always make sure my freezer is filled with gluten free breads, crumpets, bagels and sausage rolls. All things you can cook in your oven or toaster from frozen, so they are there when I crave them!

I hope some of these hacks help you in day-to-day Ceoliac life! What are your gluten free tricks and tips?



*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Genius. All opinions are my own. I am thrilled to be working alongside Genius as they are one of my all time favourite brands – I would not work with a brand I didn’t love and recommend myself.

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Elizabeth Nicholls 23rd October 2018 - 6:21 pm

Just started following you after one of your very supportive and enthusiastic aunts recommended you to me. I look forward to learning from your experience.

Katie Bucknell 25th October 2018 - 9:42 pm

Aww thanks so much!! That is really kind x


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