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So I thought I would fill you in on my latest make up must haves. There are certain products right now that I find myself incorporating into every look I do, day or night. I am constantly trying out new products and whilst some of these I have been using for a quite some time, others are fairly new. So I thought I would list my current favourites that I most definitely recommend:

  1. MAC Mineralize Bronzer in ‘Global Glow’
    I picked this up just a couple of weeks ago and I have really been loving it. I was on the hunt for a new bronzer and this has worked wonders in warming up my face without creating harsh lines or looking over the top. As it is a mineralize powder it does have a slight sheen that leaves that beautiful glowy, dewy effect. Now we are coming back into winter, I personally love to keep that sunkissed look around as long as possible! Available in store and online here. 
  2. Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer in ‘Light’

    What I love about this concealer is that it is full coverage whilst being very lightweight on your skin, and its very affordable! I also love the precise little sponge applicator, perfect for on the go as no additional brushes are needed. I use this following my bb cream or foundation on any blemishes, under my eyes to cover up dark circles and on all the high plains of my face (this is wherever the light would naturally hit – so the bridge of my nose, chin and in between my brows). I have repurchased this a few times now and have not yet found another drugstore concealer that beats it! Available in store and online here. 
  3. Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder

    I heard great things about this powder, so I picked it up recently when I was in NYC (don’t worry this is also available in the UK!). It is a very fine powder that I use to set my concealer in place and reduce shine where necessary. It sets make up with out creasing and lasts all day long. It has a subtle brightening effect so it is perfect for your under eyes to aid coverage of dark circles. This is the best setting powder I have used to date and I am obsessed with it! Available in store and online here. 
  4. MAC matte lipstick in ‘Velvet Teddy’

    This lipstick has been my go-to for nights out for a while now. Paired with MAC lip liner in the colour ‘Whirl’ this is the perfect shade and I love it. I think this colour goes with so many different skin tones and it lasts all evening! Available in store and online here. 
  5. Loreal Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black

    My favourite ever! I have tried so many different mascaras, but this is the only one I go back to time and time again… I must have repurchased it about 10-15 times now. My mum and sister both use this too as its the only one we all really love. It is great at getting your lashes the longest they can possibly be, without clumps (my pet hate is clumpy lashes ahh!). Telescopic never lets me down! Available in store and online here. 
  6. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

    I have had this palette for quite some time now and I just keep going back to it as I love the shades. It is so versatile with both matte and glitter shades, and it has lasted me ages! Definitely worth the investment. Also great to buy as a gift for someone else. Available in store and online here. 
  7. MAC Fix+

    This has multiple uses, from priming your face to setting your make up. I usually use it after I have finished my make up to bring everything together. It is so refreshing and seems to help blend everything into one, removing any sharp edges and blurring out harsh lines, as well as keeping your make up in place. I love it! Available in store and online here. 
  8. The Balm Highlighter in ‘Mary Lou’

    This is the first powder highlighter I bought and I was very impressed. It is SO pigmented, I love the champagne colour and it is available on ASOS. I signed up for prime next day delivery and free returns for one year for just £10, so I love getting items off ASOS – and its even better when they have my favourite make up products on there too! Available in store and online here. 
  9. Simple BB Cream in Honey Beige

    I LOVE this new product. My sister recommended it to me as it was on offer in Boots for just £3. Because it was so cheap, I wasn’t expecting much. But it is the perfect shade for my skin tone and a great alternative to a heavy foundation for every day use. It provides good coverage and a nice glow, making your skin look naturally flawless. Now a must have for my everyday make up look! Available in store and online here. 
  10. Younique Lucrative Lipgloss in ‘Luxe’

    I just love this shade! It would work well on so many different skin tones and the formula is moisturising and super pigmented. I also found it was very long lasting for a lipgloss without being a sticky consistency, often quite hard to find! Available online, here. 
  11. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Mattifying Primer

    I was hunting around for a good, affordable primer and this one works great – it was a perfect back up when I didn’t fancy using one of my more expensive primers. This primer is probably suited to drier skin such as my own, rather than someone with naturally oily skin – so I would keep that in mind when picking out a primer. It is important to use a primer after your moisturiser / before your make up as part of your daily routine. Using a good primer will create a barrier between your face and the make up, helping to prevent breakouts / clogged pores / blackheads etc, whilst creating an even surface to apply your make up, making it last longer and give your skin a much smoother appearance. Available in store and online here. 
  12. MAC ‘Amber Times Nine’ Eyeshadow Palette

    This little palette is really diverse, so you can create many different eye looks. I love every colour in this kit, so I constantly find myself grabbing for it. You can also use the shades to fill in your brows, contour your nose etc – it has so many uses and is the perfect size for on the go. I love MAC shadows as they are so pigmented and long lasting. This one is a must have in my opinion! Available in store or online here.

I am hoping to do one of these posts whenever I update my make up collection, so can hopefully keep you up-to-date on my top finds so you can go out and try them too!

I hope you enjoy this post. Let me know what you are loving right now, I love to go out and try new products!!



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