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Tesco Gluten Free Doughnut Review

by Katie Bucknell

A gluten free doughnut is not something to be taken for granted. A rare find in the coeliac world and, if done right, could be a game changer. As a gluten freer, I know that a good doughnut is something I have craved time and time again. Tesco have now launched their own free from doughnuts that can be found in the frozen section in store. So, let’s see if they tick all the boxes…


  • They actually taste like doughnuts. The flavour is spot on, so much so my family said they couldn’t actually taste the difference. Coated in sugar, so naughty but SO nice.
  • They are soft and doughy, just as you would expect a doughnut to be. Winning!
  • Good structure and moisture. They hold their own and are not dry and crumbly in the slightest, unlike many GF products.
  • They defrost in about an hour, so pretty quickly.
  • They are better than the alternatives. Feel Free also offer a gluten free doughnut in the frozen section, but I have to say, Tesco knock them out the park.
  • Cost £1.50. Maybe still pricey as they are small and only a pack of 6, but I am used to seeing all GF products at £3+!


  • You can only eat these cold?! There isn’t an option to heat these up on the packet. I would love to have the ability to have them warm like the good old days. Lets be honest I will probably try warming them up anyway.
  • Like many gluten free products, they are full of sugar – but they are doughnuts so what can you expect?!

Let me know what you think of the new Tesco Free From doughnuts!? Personally I think they are a great addition to the range & I will be indulging again!


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1 comment

Merkitty 22nd October 2017 - 3:44 pm

Mmmm yummy. I can’t see why you wouldn’t be able to heat them up..


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