As over a month of 2015 has gone already, I thought we would share with you some of my top finds from January, what I love and what I am still REALLY craving.


scarfHow cute are tartan scarfs? I purchased one this month and can’t get enough… big blanket scarfs like these are so in at the moment.

£19 from Topshop. Buy it here.


Faux skirt

I am still loving faux leather, like this skirt I recently picked up. Great for dressing up or down.

£38 from Oasis. Buy it here.


suede jacket

I can’t get enough of this suede jacket. It’s smart and classy and I picked it up in the sale! (keep checking those sales throughout February, you can still find some great deals) this one was half price!

£45 from Mango. Buy it here.


faux fur gilet

Faux fur gilets are so cute and go with everything… they have a sophisticated look and everyone wants to hug you! Ha!

£45 from ASOS. Buy it here.

mango boot

Suede boots are so versitile, you can wear them to work as well as a night out! You will get so much use out of a pair if you invest. These are gorgeous in black and brown.

£31.99 from Mango (less than half price in the sale!). Buy them here.


Sequin skirt

Midi skirts of course. So classy and look great with a crop top for a night out. There are so many avalible now, so get a few in your wardrobe ready for a night on the town – you wont regret it! Loving the sequins on this one.

£20 from Misguided. Buy it here.


strappy heel

Strappy heels. They are so elegant and go with nearly any going out look. Grab yourself a pair if you don’t have some already! They have become my wardrobe essential over the last month!

£25 from Misguided. Buy them here.



Okay so this is one I havn’t actually purchased yet…. but this is something that I am most definitely craving!! Loving the embellishment on this top.

£55 from Warehouse. By it here.

Let me know what your top picks are!





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    Was reading a little on my iPad. Glad I found your post. Will surely try to connect on Google+ tomorrow when I return to my desk.

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