Whether you are into the pastels, the florals, the floaty pieces or the loafers, there is something for everyones Summer wardrobe. It is finally that time again when we can strip down a layer, confidently show a little skin and increase the time we spend in the great outdoors. For me, it’s about bringing back some fresher colours, specifically the ones you have missed over the winter spell. You’re looking to go lighter and brighter, this might be in the form of a statement blazer, a bright pair of a-line trousers or simply a colourful necklace. So whether you are feeling brave or like to take a more subtle approach, there are easy ways to make wardrobe adjustments aligned with the changing of seasons.

  1. It is time to ditch the black. If you want a look that screams spring or summer, it means you must say goodbye to some of the darker, deeper shades. You don’t have to cut them out all together, but make sure the focus of the look stems towards your brighter tones. Whilst you want to pair your colours carefully, you might be surprised what combinations can make for a truly eye-catching ensemble.
  2. Pick a good pair of sunglasses. Find the style that works to your face shape and rock it with every look you can.
  3. Sling on an open toe pair of shoes, heels, sandals or perhaps even flip flops, this will transform your outfit and let the world know you are summer ready… just make sure you have a pedicure first!
  4. It is all in the details. Summer vibes can be given off through even the smallest of accessories, so pick a colourful or beaded piece of jewellery to turn up the heat on whatever winter number you are sporting. Trade in your blanket scarf for a thin silk scarf with a bold pattern. This will not only liven up a plain look, but it is good for covering your shoulders from any surprise rays when the sun really does come out.
  5. When it comes to a bag, leave the leather behind. Canvas, fabric totes and cross-body bags have holiday written all over them.

Small changes to your wardrobe can have a big impact, so plan your looks now and not only will you beat the holiday rush and get your hands on the best pieces first, but you’ll be ready to step out in the sun as soon as it hits.

Whatever you choose to wear this sunshine season, make sure it makes you feel comfortable and confident and you can’t go wrong. This time of year is a great one to not only experiment with different textures and colours, but allows you to revisit some old favourites (like that maxi dress you bought 2 years ago and have only been able to wear once?). Don’t dismiss timeless pieces that still lie at the back of your wardrobe, make sure they get some wear time in too. Find different ways to wear and match up those classics because my bet is they still have plenty of life left in them… oh and it will save you spending your entire life savings on entirely new clothes!

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This post will also be up on IMAGE 34 Magazine soon, so stay tuned!

* Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own 🙂


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