Jeans are a staple part of my wardrobe, I find myself wearing them constantly, anytime of day, dressing them up and down. I thought I would put up a post showing how I plan to style jeans as we come into Spring – perhaps less of the classic black skinny jean (which has been my go-to over the colder months), but trying out new ways to style them and trying to incorporate lighter / spring colours.

I saw the below which inspired me to take a closer look at my jeans selection:


Often jeans can be left in the back wardrobes if you are not 100% about the fit / colour – but if you are confident about how to style different types of jeans to fit the season, then it’s much easier to throw them on without a second thought. Hopefully this can give you some inspiration to change up what kind of jeans you are wearing, as the warmer weather approaches!! Be brave and go for different colour or a different style than you usually would, or pull out a perfectly good old pair that need some wear time… it’ll make you feel good to mix things up as we head into Spring! Here are a few examples:

1. A distressed or boyfriend jean can be worn with a plain, fitted top and can be dressed up or down with heels or trainers:



2. These beige skinny jeans look great with many different tops and colour combinations (black, white, denim). These are great if you own a denim shirt, as sometimes you just don’t want to rock blue denim on denim!!:



3. I LOVE white jeans, these are an easy favourite for Spring / Summer. They go with everything and have a way of brightening up an outfit to give it a summery, fresh feel – perfect for throwing on night or day:



4. A coloured jean is a great way to bring some excitement and depth to an outfit, pair it with a neutral top and you are good to go:



Here are some of my favourite places to buy jeans at the moment:

I hope you enjoy this post & want to try out different styles of jeans now Spring is coming!? Let me know your favourite places to pick up a new pair of jeans? What styles will you be trying out this season?




Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Provident’s Budget Trips and Easter Tips calendar.


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