I like to just sit down and write. First of all with no topic in mind, and before I know it I am rambling about anything and everything. It feels good to write. I have always enjoyed shifting my thoughts onto paper, it allows for a release and I feel a weight has been lifted.

Being a blogger is not just about taking a pretty picture and saying ‘look how great this is’, it’s about being yourself, connecting with your readers and creating a hub that brings happiness and inspires, not just pushing products and spamming precious readers. Whilst I know I am targeting gluten free folk and coeliacs, I still want to incorporate a bit of something for everyone, which is something I know I still need to master.

Whilst I do appreciate good photography and correct lighting (and I am constantly trying to better my own camera skills!), I also want to be realistic. I want goals to be achievable. If you look on my Instagram you won’t see identical flat lays or a single white colour scheme. Whilst that may be aesthetically pleasing on occasion, that is not life. Life is a rainbow so why limit yourself to only a couple of colours?



This is a work in progress. Coming to the end of the year has given me opportunity to reflect, refresh and get ready for the next one. I am excited to see what’s yet to come. Each year I keep learning and growing, making mistakes and trying again. I have no regrets and I am so grateful, it’s important to stay positive and surround yourself with people who will help bring you joy, happiness and support you in achieving your dreams.

It is easy to say ‘these are my New Years resolutions!’ and not actually follow through, I have done that MANY times and soon realised I needed a different approach. Give yourself one goal instead of five. Focus on it and when you have ticked that box, move on the next. Break it down and remain realistic. If it seems totally overwhelming or simply impossible it probably is, and you will fall at the first hurdle. So start small, stay determined and success will follow.


Stay true to yourself and don’t follow the crowd unless it’s the right path for you. For me, I need a bit of colour in my life. I am not perfect and I am not going to pretend that I am. Some days I don’t fancy posting something white, clean, crisp and angular… and I have learnt that that is okay.




  1. 6th January 2017 / 5:47 pm

    Beautiful post lovely & gorgeous pictures! Huge happy new year to you! Hope 2017 brings you everything you wish for 🙂 xxx

  2. 12th January 2017 / 5:07 pm

    Yes, blogging is all about portraying all the hues of life. More often than not we focus on the positive and perhaps the more beautiful aspects in life in posts. But that is up to the individual blogger to decide. What realm of life they would like to portray. Beautiful post!

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