You may have seen already that I did a February Birchbox review – at the time I didn’t realise that I had also signed up for a March Birchbox (they send you one every month until you unsubscribe!) I was under the impression it was a one off purchase when you select x1 box at the checkout, so was surprised when another box arrived and I had been charged the £12.25 once again. So, I thought this would be a good opportunity to highlight this to my readers and share my Birchbox experience.

The terms & conditions are in small print, so it is easy to miss and you could like me, end up signing up for more than you bargained for. They give you the option between 1 box, a 6 month subsciption or a 12 month subscription. When they say 1 box, you are actually signing up for a box every month just without a small deal (e.g. 1 time free shipping) that you get with the long term sign ups, which personally I think is quite deceiving.

However as I couldn’t send the box back, I thought I may as well review the box and compare it to my first Birchbox experience. Especially as you can still purchase this box if you wish. If you read my February review (see here), I had mixed feelings about the service and products, as some of the samples were very small, some were quite average and in the end there was only a couple of products I could really recommend – but this is always a risk with a surprise subscription box. So I was hoping to like a couple more of the products this time around!

birchbox 2

There was a total of 6 items in the box:

ARROW BOOST Color Enhancing Lip Balm


This is another of Birchboxes ‘own brand’ products. I believe is called ‘ARROW’. It is a very nourishing lip balm, something I imagine putting on day to day when I wasn’t wearing a lipstick. Apparently it matches the colour to you based on your PH. I am not sure entirely how this works, but it did come out a little too pink on me, as I prefer a more neutral lip with my daytime look. However the consistency was good and it was very nourishing. I also really like the fact that it is paraben-free, cruelty-free and vegan (as are all the products in the Birchbox brand so we are told).

ModelCo More Brows


I didn’t know what to expect initially with this product, as last time I used a coloured brow gel it was very gloopy and the comb was far too big, and well, it just looked messy. This brow gel actually has tiny fibres, that stick to recreate a hair like texture to thicken the brows with a more natural effect. This also happened to be the perfect colour for my brows. I don’t use it alone, I use my brow pencil (I am actually using the brow definer by Anastasia Beverly Hills, which I have been loving) to fill the majority in, then go over with a thin layer of this to hold the brows up and thicken with the fibres. I have actually been quite happy using this!

Indeed Labs Hydraluron TM Moisture Boosting Mask


I felt a bit strange putting this mask on, as I had never used a sheet mask before (and you look quite funny when you first put it on ha). However, I had read lots about hyaluronic acid and how much moisture it brings to the skin so was keen to try it (seen as I have such naturally dry skin). I felt it didn’t get to all the areas of the face due to the shape of it, which is something you don’t get with a clay mask for example. It was also very cold, so if you don’t like that sensation then it might not be the mask for you, but personally I felt it very refreshing and VERY hydrating, just like it said on the tin. I like trying different types of masks, this style might not be for everyone but it is definitely worth having a go.

Polaar Polar Night Cream


I was pleasantly surprised by this night cream. I used it 3 nights in a row and have really enjoyed it. It is quite thick, which is good for my dry skin. You do feel you are giving the skin lots of goodness and it sinks in right away, without leaving any sticky residue. I also enjoyed the fresh smell, it felt light whilst nourishing at the same time. It did not clog my pores or bring out any redness (as I have sensitive skin this can often happen trying out new products)… I would use this again! Shame it wasn’t a full sized tube!

Amika Nourishing Hair Mask


I used this once, as it was only a small sachet that came in the box. But I did really enjoy it, my hair felt soft, healthy and shiny afterwards and it wasn’t much hassle to do. However, I reckon you could probably get a cheaper product which did the same thing from Boots or Superdrug – as it retails at £20, which I think is a little steep!

This Works Pillow Spray in ‘Deep Sleep’


I have actually wanted to try this for quite some time but hadn’t got around to picking it up, so I was excited when I saw a sample of this in the box (yes only a sample). I love anything lavender / to do with relaxation and aiding sleep, I think a good nights sleep is so important. I liked it although I don’t think it smells quite as good as the original, so I would probably just stick with that one (personal preference!).


You can still purchase the March Birchbox, here.

Overall, I am more impressed with the products this time around, so I guess it is luck of the month. However, I am still not overly impressed with the service, especially considering the fact that I didn’t know I had subscribed to more than one box – I feel this should have been made clearer at the time of purchase, otherwise it leaves customers feeling a little cheated.

I am glad in a way I was sent the second box, as I can get a better overview of the service and have more than one experience on which to form my opinion. I still enjoy the concept and was more impressed with the products this time around, but I do think that Birchbox have improvements yet to make!

I hope you found this post insightful and hopefully this can give you an idea of what to expect signing up with Birchbox!



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