Whenever I travel somewhere, near or far, I like to take lots of photos / videos of my trip. I love having memories stored of my experiences. I thought I would share our latest weekend away to London with a vlog (video blog)!

We headed down on the train from Manchester to London at lunchtime on Friday. We checked into our Airbnb (a cute 1 bed apartment) in Wimbeldon before we went to watch Matthew Perry’s new West End play ‘The End of Longing’ at The Playhouse Theatre – despite mixed reviews we really enjoyed it! We were on the front row and laughed out loud throughout. I loved seeing Chandler from ‘Friends’ up close and personal, since I am a huge fan of the show! It was more of a funny rom com than deep / cryptic play, which I liked as it was easy watching (I don’t like confusing plays). It was a little rude in parts so not really one for the under 18s, they called it ‘Friends for adults’ ha.

The next morning we went to Harrods with my sister Jen and we had a look around / did some shopping (I hit the MAC & Charlotte Tilbury stands obviously) before heading to Hyde Park to sit out and have some lunch by the lake. We then headed to the Natural History Museum (which was free to get in, but we had to queue for 15 mins) before heading back to get ready to go out for dinner.

The four of us (Jen & her boyfriend Adam, Dave & I) went to a funky Italian called Bunga Bunga which had quite a party nightlife. We booked it because it had gluten free pizzas on the menu, for my sister and I. However when we got there they said they had run out of gluten free bases (WHAT?! At 7:30pm on a Saturday night!? Was my reaction) as we had warned them we were gluten free beforehand, so they did apologise and agreed to make us one from scratch, as there was little else in terms of options on the menu – they also gave us a free bottle of prosecco which helped! There was karaoke, people dancing on tables and music long into the night, they also have a Brazilian nightclub upstairs. I liked the fact we didn’t have to move around all night, we had everything we needed in one place! Us girls also ended up going home wearing ‘Bunga Bunga’ branded baseball caps. Ha. Despite the slight mishap with the food which was quickly rectified, I would recommend going here if you are in the party mood.

The morning after we were all a little tired! So headed to Wimbeldon Park. the weather was gorgeous so we sat out overlooking the lake and watched the world go by (when I say world, it was mainly ducks, geese and swans). It was very relaxing. I also met a very sweet Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy, so that was me entertained for a good half hour. We then wandered to grab a coffee and played mini golf in the park. Although I am awful at golf (as the video will show). After that, we jumped back on the train late Sunday afternoon and made it back home just in time for a take away and a film in front of the fire!!

Hopefully you can see everything as I take you around in the vlog, but thought I would jot down some extra detail / links for those who are interested! We are planning to head down again when the weather gets warmer, so I am sure this won’t be the last London blog / vlog I do.

I hope you enjoy this post and hopefully it can give you some ideas / inspiration if you are visiting London anytime soon!



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