Italy holds a very special place in my heart. Not only for the natural beauty, fashion and outstanding food, but it is a place my family and I have been visiting for many years now.

I have a couple of places in the world very special to me, and this has to be pretty high up there on the list. We used to go to the same spot every year – Lucca, Tuscany. Although a lot had changed in our own lives since we last came, at the same time a lot hadn’t, it felt exactly the same. Wandering around with my parents and my sister, we had a huge sense of déjà vu. Everything was just as we had left it. It felt like we were coming home. We spent our time cycling the walls, wandering the pretty streets, seeing the sites and hopping around restaurants / bars. I was surprised I didn’t do more shopping, there are some beautiful boutiques – I was proud of myself for being so restrained!

There is something unique and wonderful about Lucca. It is populated enough to feel lively, whilst still being angelic and peaceful. It combines relaxation and fine dining, with attractions, fun and live music. It is well appreciated, not overly populated with tourists and still holds its raw authenticity and charm. And the FOOD. Well it is Italy, so as you can imagine it is out of this world. Italian has to be my all time favourite cuisine. The pastas and pizzas, breads and cured meats. It is heaven.

You are probably thinking, well you are Coeliac, you can’t have that right? Think again! Italians know how to cater for the gluten free… big time. We had gluten free pizzas, pastas, meats, salads, breads and even ice cream cones, with dairy free & vegan options also available at every corner. It was amazing. If you are gluten free trust me, you NEED to go. Put it on your travel hit list, you will not regret it.

Of course on this return to Lucca, I filmed so I could put together a vlog to give you an idea of what we got up to / the gluten free finds / general experience etc.

I hope you enjoy… I love sharing my trips & experiences!





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Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored! All opinions are my own.

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