Fathers day is coming up (Sunday, 19th June for those of you who might forget ha!) so I thought I would throw a list together of gift ideas for your dad. Often it’s nice to just get a card and take him out for dinner… but sometimes it is fun to get something he can unwrap, that makes him feel extra special!

Here are a few ideas, that hopefully you can get some inspiration from:


I know my dad loves his coffee. So if he didn’t already have one, a coffee machine would make a great gift. They can be a bit pricey depending on which you get, so might be good to get as a joint present between you and a sibling. If he already has a coffee machine get him a supply of his favourite capsules / granules & a nice pot or unit to display them in? You can find more affordable ones HERE or HERE.

I bought my dad one of these and he loved it. A proper mans toy. I think they really are big kids at heart!! It is a good bit of fun and something a bit different, plus the mini ones are pretty good value! You can get a basic one like this HERE or one with a small camera, HERE.


This can sound a bit cheesy, but a nice home ornament can be a great gift. It is something that will sit on the side and remind him of his loving children every time he sees it! My dad is an Air Traffic Controller, and I saw this little handmade metal plane when I was abroad and thought it would make a lovely gift unique to him. It has a retro / shabby sheek feel to it and it has been sat on the windowsill ever since! See example HERE. And if planes / cars aren’t his thing, how about a couple of classy garden gnomes!? HERE.

Sometimes you can forget that experiences and creating memories can be just as great as a wrapped gift. A brewery tour is a good one (example HERE) or a history of London drinking tour (HERE), a car driving experience (HERE), or a table tennis masterclass for one?! (HERE). This obviously completely depends on what he is interested in, but there’s tons of options!

It is the perfect time of year to buy your dad something BBQ related, dads love to be out in the garden in charge of the burgers during summer. I thought BBQ spice kits were a good idea, examples HEREHERE and so were these personalised BBQ tools, HERE.

I thought the idea of a scratch map was great, especially if your dad is a keen traveler like mine. It is a great way for him to see all of the places he has visited and he can ‘tick them off’ in a cool / unique way. This would also work great framed and up on the wall. See HERE & smaller / travel size version HERE.

If he loves his beer, then give him a challenge to make his own!! Could be a bit of fun!? See HERE.

If he has a favourite series, get him a themed board game. It becomes an excuse to spend some family time together too. How about this Game Of Thrones themed Monopoly? HERE. If he doesn’t have a favourite board game, how about this pub quiz themed game, with generic trivia! HERE.

If he likes the outdoors, walking, camping etc, a pen knife might be useful HERE or (a cutlery version!!) HERE. How about a nice flask for taking out and about HERE. Men tend to love practical and fun little gifts they might not usually buy themselves.

Finally, best of all… something homemade. This is a personal and thoughtful way to show you care! For example, whip up a batch of cookies and pop them in a homemade / decorated box. Or my salted caramel shortbreads, see recipe HERE. Or perhaps a collage of your favourite family pictures? Homemade vouchers to clean the car? You can be creative with this one!


So hopefully there are a few here you can get ideas from! Obviously every dad is different, so it is best to get something personal to him.

If you are looking for a good website, with even more inspiration, check out Not On The Highstreet it is my favourite. It even has a specific fathers day section for browsing.

I hope this post was useful!




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