I love the idea of a beauty advent calendar, but do I like the idea of spending £100+ on one? Not really. I would love to find one at a reasonable price, that still got me excited each day when I came to open each door. Obviously, the more you spend the more you will get back, but even so… I want to figure out which on the market is the best bang for your buck.

I have had a look around at all the beauty advents available this year and here’s what I found:

THE BODY SHOP – £60 / £80 / £99

the-body-shop-advent-2Offering 3 different advents, one at £60, one at £80 and one at £99, initially they all still seem a little on the steep side in regards to price. However, I do love The Body Shop and don’t often get the opportunity to try lots of their different products (they have so many ranges its hard to test them all!) so this may be a nice way to do that. On the website they offer a sneak peak into each advent, so you know what you’re in for. I think the pricing is justified by the gifts, as you get some great products at not too bad prices, in addition to the lovely packaging. See all HERE.


ct-adventI am obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury, I mention her products constantly on my blog and she is easily my favourite luxury make up brand. However this price just doesn’t seem realistic. It instantly makes me think it is too much for an advent calendar and it is only a 12 day calendar, rather than a 24 day one, so that’s half the treats gone already. Once you look at what you are getting you will see 7 out of the 12 products are mini versions and at £150, it is just not worth it in my opinion. See HERE.


makeup-revolution-adventThis price is more the kind of money I would be looking to spend. You can get some great on-trend make up from Make Up Revolution, with some real hidden gems. I have seen them taking off in the beauty industry the last year or so, so I think this one is definitely worth a look. See HERE.


ms-adventThis advent by M&S has a mix of high end and high street products, with a mix of different brands to keep the excitement going all month long. The contents of the advent is £250 which is great, but there is a catch. Turns out you have to spend £35 in store on beauty, clothing or home wear to be eligible to then buy it, so really your looking at spending £70 in total… which I think is a bit cheeky / unnecessary! (This is not available until November 10th). See HERE.

COWSHED £75.00

cowshed-adventWhat I like about this is not only the appearance, which is rustic yet still festive, but it does have all 24 days (many beauty advents are only featuring 12). Cowshed do some lovely products, I particularly love the hand cream and bubble baths, which both feature in the calendar. However, the price is still relatively steep! See HERE.



This screams luxury from the moment you set your eyes on it. The packaging is beautiful, however does it warrant £150? I don’t think so, for what are mostly miniature versions of products I don’t see that justifying the triple didgets. See HERE.


lookfantastic-adventThis got rave reviews last year and whilst it is still not particularly cheap, the contents are worth over £300… so I can see a bit more value for money here. This is a nice way to discover a tonne of new brands as Look Fantastic is a great hub for all things beauty and will keep you on your toes. See HERE.


flutter-adventNow this is what we call a reasonable price. The products may not be high end quality, but you still get 24 doors to open, each with a unique cosmetic treat… which for that price is pretty impressive! I also love that the packaging has dogs all over it, I am a sucker for puppies! This would be a great gift for a younger generation of girls who do not care about the labels and brand names, but just want to have a bit of fun with make up over the festive period. See HERE.

DECLEOR £72.00

decolor-adventWe are back on the slightly higher end scale here, but without hitting triple didgets. I think this advent looks sophisticated and slick, and with 25 days (even 1 day more than usual there!) worth of gifts, including some full sized products… at least you seem to be getting a little more for your money. See HERE.


mad-beauty-adventDespite being another with just 12 days worth of beauty excitement, the advent itself looks very fun and is surprisingly affordable. Your not going crazy with high end luxury beauty here, but I think the little gifts you get are cute and very festive… again could be a great gift for the younger generation of beauty lovers. See HERE.

BENEFIT £34.50

benefit-adventThe reason this only retails for £34.50 is because it is only a 12 day advent, and all the products are miniatures, as we know Benefit can be a little pricier than that! While it may be nice to get to try all their products out (even if it is only in tiny form) it may still be slightly overpriced for just half a month of advent fun. See HERE.


tanya-burr-adventTanya has done a great job on her advent this year, the packaging is stunning and it appears you are getting full size products behind every door! Obviously I prefer a 24 day calendar but the price is also fab (now reduced further on Superdrug to £15.00!). So well done Tanya! These will sell out fast. See HERE.

CLARINS £95.00

clarins-adventAt £95, Clarins was never going to be a cheap option, but you do get 24 days of goodies and it does ooze luxury appeal. Although you are looking at under 5ml for many of the products, so it may not be worth it for what you actually get. See HERE.


sanctuary-adventFor 24 days of treats, this is very well priced. I like Sanctuary, I think they have some lovely products that I would be very happy to pamper myself with throughout December. The gifts have good variety, ranging from body, face and nail care all the way to candles. In this case, I don’t mind if some of the products are in miniature form, simply because the price is much more reasonable. See HERE.


jack-wills-adventWhile the price is not too overwhelming, I think this is only going to appeal to proper Jack Wills fans. When I think of the brand I think more fashion and fragrance than beauty, and I think this is reflected in the gifts. Some doors just have hair bands, emery boards or hair grips, which to me doesn’t feel that special when its something you can pick up at Tesco. See HERE.

No7 £39.00

no7-adventWhile all the details are yet to be released, No7 have some great products and with the contents valuing at over £150, this does fill me with confidence! I love the look of the cityscape design and sophisticated layout. See HERE.


luxury-by-bootsThis is good if you are after a variety of luxury products in one, with multiple fragrances, face lotions and cleansers to make up, you do get a bit of everything. But with brands like Lancome, YSL and Ralph Lauren its not going to be a cheap purchase. The fairytale packaging is very pretty, but to me doesn’t feel very ‘christmassy’ which is something I usually like to see in an advent. See HERE.

NYX £60.00

nyx-adventNYX are fairly new to the UK make up scene, we can now find them on ASOS and Boots, so I am so happy to see they have made a 2016 advent. I love NYX products, they are usually very good quality at high street prices. While it is still not the most affordable on the list and the packaging lacks a little festivity, it is still a strong contender this year. See HERE.

PAUL & JOE £56.00

paul-joe-adventI love the snowy themed packaging on this one, and the gifts look sweet and a fairly good size. However, with only 12 days worth of doors, it is looking a little on the pricey side. See HERE.

CIATE £50.00


If your a nail lover and want to build your collection, then this one is for you. However if you don’t do your own nails or do them at all for that matter, then this one may not be for you. But for 17 polishes and numerous other nail pampering gifts, £50 doesn’t sound too bad! See HERE.



I was pleasantly surprised by this price, considering it is not the most affordable brand anyway and you are getting 24 gifts, so to me £42.00 was pretty good. However all the products you get are miniatures, so it swings in roundabouts I guess! See HERE.



I like that ASOS have created an own brand advent this year. It features a wide variety of brands and product types, and the sizes don’t look too bad either. You are also getting 24 days worth gifts which ticks another box. I just wish the packaging had a bit more of a Christmas vibe. See HERE.

TECHNIC £10.00



I love the price tag on this. Another winner on the super affordable front, I feel this sort of price is so much more realistic. Technic are renowned for their low prices and you can actually find some real gems. I think this is a great option for those of us on a budget and it still has 24 days worth of goodies! See HERE.


So after reviewing the 2016 beauty advent scene, this is what I found. Obviously I am based in the UK and if you are looking elsewhere, this list could be different. It is still only October, meaning more advents could yet be released… so I will keep checking back and updating my list! Advents tend to sell out fast, so got to be ahead of the game and pick your favourite early, because December will be here before we know it!

I have to say my top picks overall, are No7, NYX, The Body Shop and the Technic calendar. These are the ones I find myself most likely to purchase, whether it be due to price, product quality / number of doors / size or just overall appeal… these stood out to me the most. This is obviously personal preference and we may all lean more toward different brands.

But remember, beauty isn’t the only way to go (you can just stick to chocolate of course!). Last year I got a Yankee Candle advent and loved it – great for stocking up on tealights and everywhere smelt wonderful! See HERE.

yankee-candle-adventI hope you like this post and find it useful! Let me know if you have your eye on any advent calendars, and which ones are your favourites!?





  1. 14th October 2016 / 8:12 am

    What a great list! They are all beautiful but some are way too expensive for an advert calendar. Loving the Yankee Candle one for my mum and quite tempted to indulge and get one of the others for myself! L’Occitane is my favourite I think.

  2. 4th December 2016 / 10:09 am

    I’ve got the Charlotte Tilbury advent calendar this year and I am obsessed with it! You get a little bit of her cult products so it’s a great way to test them before you buy the full size 🙂
    Great review!

    • 4th December 2016 / 4:24 pm

      Amazing! I LOVE Charlotte Tilbury products. Thank you!! x

  3. 22nd December 2016 / 3:35 pm

    I could only find one Beauty Advent calendar in the States where I live: Bare Minerals. It has 24 doors and cost $79 usd.
    I gave it to my Twentysomething daughter. The product sizes aren’t full size, but they’re big enough to last a month or two of daily use. So far it’s been lipsticks, lip glosses, eye-shadows, blushes, concealer, and a key fob.

    She’s been enjoying it and using the products so it’s all good. I just wish I was able to find more choices over here. Maybe next year they’ll be more.

  4. 23rd December 2016 / 2:10 am

    I had never heard of beauty advent calendars before!
    I really like the TEchnic one too! The packaging, AND price!
    My second pick would be the mad beauty.
    Thanks for the follow!

  5. 26th December 2016 / 2:17 pm

    Just from this one post, I can tell that you see a lot of this world that some of us (meaning me!) don’t see. Thanks for sharing not only what you find interesting but also what others will find interesting. Thanks for following our blog, Oh, the Places We See. Hopefully, we can show you some new places in the world to see. — Rusha Sams

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